Saturday, May 14, 2016

Cheers To My Best Friend

Dear ate,
I'm so sorry for not writing this before your birthday, or not publishing this on your birthday. Maybe you're gonna say "Yaelaaah udah telat kaleee", but you know i'm trying to do something special for you here...

Well, first of all i want you to know that i'm so grateful to have you in my life. You're like a sister i never have. You've had more faith in me than i have ever had in myself. You always be there when i'm in love, in pain, in confusion. You know all the right things to say and all the advice that hits me in the feels. It seems like you clearly have life all figured out, while here i am worrying all the things that might go wrong in my life.

Remember that one time i told you that i was worried i might inherit all the bad personality from my family, but then you calm me by saying that not just think positive, but we also have to feel positive all the time, and then you told me that personality is not always about "buah jatuh tidak jauh dari pohonnya", but it's all about bagaimana kita berada di lingkungan yang baik, pergaulan yang sehat, dan juga pola pikir yang positif. And it really hits me. Sekarang aku nggak perlu khawatir lagi tentang sifat sifat buruk dalam diri aku karena sebenarnya if i want to be a better person, then be a better person. 

I also want to let you know that you're like a role model to me. You inspire me. You're so beautiful in and out, you have perfect family, perfect child, you're a perfect mother, dan setiap kali ate cerita banyak tentang bagaimana ate mendidik Zaidan, i was like "Hmmm i'm definitely gonna be that kind of mother for my children". Do you see how lucky i am to have you in my life? Secara tidak sadar, ate sudah mengajarkanku banyak hal. And i thank you for that.

Terkadang aku bertanya-tanya, bagaimana jadinya kalau dulu kita nggak lost contact selama bertahun-tahun. Because you know, it'd be much easier if i had you around when i dealt with all the teenage drama, or when the first time i had a really bad break up. You'd be there to listen to me, cheer me up, or pick up every pieces of my broken heart. Sadly, you weren't there. And that's okay. I've learned a lot from the mistakes i made in the past. I just hope that from now on you will always stay with me 24/7 for the next 50 years :p

Happy 27th birthday, ate. Stay inspiring.


  1. hiks... ate terharu, makasih yogurt.... makasih bangetbanget, aamiin buat semua doanya... doa yang baik akan kembali kepada yang mengucapkannya, ate ga sesempurna yang yogurt tuliskan, ada banyak banget kekurangan ate, hanya aja Alloh menutupinya jadi yogurt ga bisa lihat,
    well yogurt, mudah-mudahan ada umur panjang dan rejeki lapang ate pengen ketemu yogurt, see you when i see you dear, i love you

  2. wuihhh... kata-katamu sungguh menyentuh kalbu...
    keren keren....

  3. kirain buat tantenya inggit, ternyata panggilan kesayangannya ate ya :)

  4. barakallahu fii umrik sahabatnya inggit :)

  5. Salam kenal saja...mau nimbrung belum ngerti yang dibahas siapa

  6. How sweet. Ate and yogurt beautiful friendship. Now I'm wondering what kind of mother will i be one day yah... Mau jadi emak2 gaul ah.. like my mother, she can just chill with my friends and they still think she's cool.